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Re-Housing Adult Siberians

We occasionally have Adult Siberians that we will have available to go to a loving, caring family.  If you would like an adult Siberian instead of a puppy, please feel free to contact us. If we do not have one available I am sure we can direct you in the right path.  All Adult Siberian will be fully vaccinated, mirco-chipped, registered, Neutered and trained.   As at 01 NOV 2012:  We currently have two Adult Siberians that we would re-house to approved homes. 

Welcome to Our New Site

This is the new Aeukanmanuva Siberian Husky website designed by our close friend Frank Fava.  The huge advantage of this site is that Frank has designed it so that we have full control of up dating.  We can up date this site ourselves 24/7, great advantage when you want to get the Show Results or Puppy listings out there.  So at ringside we will be able to up date our site.

If you would like a site that you can up date yourselves please contact Frank for a quick solution.

Please enjoy this site.  It will be forever changing, so visit regularly.